How do we play?

At the beginning of the game, all participants define their question - the goal of the game. This is usually what they want to know about themselves, their current situation or a goal.

If the problem cannot be formulated by ourselves, the host and the game itself help them with this. You can share your goal with others if you want to.

The main part of the game is held in the best traditions of board games: participants throw dice, draw cards, move around the board and communicate with each other according to their tasks.

The facilitator asks leading questions to open up information that participants do not see or do not notice. This allows players to see new facets, resources to solve their problem, dissolve internal stoppers and draw up an implementation plan.

By the end of the game, each participant has an exact answer to their question and step-by-step instructions on the implementation of the desired, which they will be able to form themselves.

Duration of the game is 3 to 8 hours.
Amount of players is 1 to 4.

Why play?
The Awakening game is worth playing to identify and work out personal restrictions that interfere with:

  • reaching a new level,
  • advancement in self-development,
  • discovering new opportunities,
  • self determination,
  • correct resolution of situations.

Examples of personal requests for the game:

  • what should I do next?
  • how do I get creative?
  • where's my money, dude?
  • how do I become successful?
  • how to feel happiness?
  • where should I get education?
  • how to switch from office job to a project of my own?
  • how to lose weight?
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