Become a host for the Awakening game!
Send a preliminary application and we will contact you shortly! :-)
Who is interested in becoming a host?
  • trainers
  • consultants
  • game hosts
  • psychologists
  • coaches
What do I get with the host of the game status?
  • you will be able to host the Awakening game for your clients independently,
  • you will get promotion support from us during one year from the moment you start the training,
  • you will be able to sign your clients up for your games directly from the official website of the Awakening game, also during one year from the moment you start the training.
Who can apply for the training course?
First of all, those who already have experience as a participant in the Awakening game. We also have a preliminary selection. This is due to the fact that we approach our work responsibly and try to maintain a level of quality. Please fill out the application above and we will send you a profile to get to know you :-)
What do you teach during the game host training?
During the training course for the game hosts you will learn:

  • how the game works and why is it like this exactly,
  • what elements the game consists of and how they work,
  • why were these elements selected and what for,
  • how the elements interact with each other.

You will also learn:

  • how to work with a group
  • how to host a game professionally,
  • how to create the necessary conditions for changes in participants.

And master GameCoaching, i.e.:

  • the ability to see and manage processes at the gaming table,
  • to direct participants towards the solution for their requests,
  • assist in the preparation of step-by-step plans to achieve the goal,
  • see the situation at the gaming table as a whole and be able to find a system solution,
  • interpret anything in any context,
  • development of flexibility of thinking and response,
  • expand the participants' vision and perception of the situation,
  • contribute to the formation of answers that are suitable for each individually,
  • identify what is behind the question,
  • structure the available information clearly.
Who will be teaching us?
Hey there! :) My name is Maria Gorina. I am a methodologist, author and developer of applied board games, a game coach, a gamer designer, a business trainer, a teacher at RUDN University (2015), and an expert at the HSE business incubator (2018-19).

Owner and chief editor of the portal for game developers GameConstructor.Ru. Head of GorinaGames.Ru.

Co-author of the methodology for developing smart board games GameConstructor. Co-author of the methodology for professional hosting of applied board games GameCoaching.

The author of the book "Life is like a game. How to get through the most difficult level and go around all the traps on the way to your goals."
What will we be doing during the training course?
The total training time including online meetings and homework between them is 24 academic hours. Time the participants of the training course need to host games to develop skills is not included. And the learning process is this:

  • classes are conducted online individually or in a group,
  • this is 4* webinars for 3 academic hours each,
  • during the class, a theory is given with examples from the author's practice and case studies of course participants,
  • between classes there is a time for homework based on the what we learned.

*If necessary, an additional lesson is added for a deeper study of topics at the request of the participants or by decision of the teacher. An additional lesson for all course participants is free.
When is the next training course?

February 25, 27
March 3, 5

The date of the additional class, if necessary, is determined separately with the participants of the course.


8:00 - 10:00 p.m. Moscow time
How is the right to host games confirmed?
Все люди, прошедшие обучение, будут всегда указаны официальными Проводниками на официальном сайте игры "Пробуждение". Хотя если попросите убрать, мы уберем :-)

Также в течение одного года с момента обучения вы получаете поддержку в продвижении - возможность записи к вам на игры прямо с официального сайта игры "Пробуждение".

При этом это ни как вас не ограничивает в организации игр другими способами.

All the people who have been trained will always be indicated as official game hosts on the official website of the Awakening game. Although if you ask to remove you, we will remove :-)

Also, during one year from the moment you start the training, you will get promotion support - the ability to sign your clients up for your games directly from the official website of the Awakening game.

At the same time, it does not limit you in the organization of the games in any other way.
How much does the training course costs?
The game host training course costs 80,000 rubles. For this money you get:

  • the Awakening game kit,
  • 24 academic hours with theory, practice, homework, case study and support for the author of the game,
  • the opportunity to apply and train the acquired knowledge and skills immediately between classes,
  • deep immersion in the techniques the game is based on,
  • personal in-depth changes while learning about the techniques,
  • skills of a professional board game host that you can apply for any other board games,
  • a tool for working with your clients, which pays off within 2-3 games you host,
  • promotion support during one year from the moment you start the training.
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