Why should business play the Awakening game?

It is worth playing the corporate Awakening game to identify and work out personal restrictions that interfere with:

  • reaching a new level,
  • business growth,
  • project management,
  • HR management,
  • formation of common values in the company.

Examples of business requests for the game:

  • what project should I invest in?
  • how to restore relationship with a partner?
  • what prevents me from making money on my product?
  • how to overcome the fear of the big money?
  • how to reorganize my activities to launch my project?
The Game for You
To find out how the Awakening game can help your personal or business life, choose out of several options: immediately buy a box with the game, play with the host, or consult with the author about how the game can help your business.
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Hey there! :) My name is Maria Gorina. I am a methodologist, author and developer of applied board games, a game coach, a gamer designer, a business trainer, a teacher at RUDN University (2015), and an expert at the HSE business incubator (2018-19).

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