The Awakening Game was created on the ideas of Buddhism, on the idea of human archetypes, on the idea of unity with the World and your Ancestry. All of them are good for showing key questions that need answers, allowing participants to adhere to their own beliefs.

Each person, regardless of the type of their activities, bumps into their own limitations sometimes, which are in no way connected with the management and business building models.

Every day of our life is another step on the path self-knowledge. The Awakening Game allows you to look beyond the boundaries of your usual perception of yourself and the World and find answers on a deeper level.

As a result of the game, participants receive a new vision of themselves and their tasks, as well as a step-by-step plan for the implementation of the plan using the resources discovered in the game.
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About the author
Hey there! :) My name is Maria Gorina. I am a methodologist, author and developer of applied board games, a game coach, a gamer designer, a business trainer, a teacher at RUDN University (2015), and an expert at the HSE business incubator (2018-19).

Owner and chief editor of the portal for game developers GameConstructor.Ru. Head of GorinaGames.Ru. Co-author of the methodology for developing smart board games GameConstructor. Co-author of the methodology for professional hosting of applied board games GameCoaching.

The author of the book "Life is like a game. How to get through the most difficult level and go around all the traps on the way to your goals."
Phone: +7 915 208 4547

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